Part 1 - Preliminary Title and Commencement of the Code Intention Industry Endorsement Signatories to the Code Horticulture Code of Conduct Administration of Code Review Performance Targets Part 2 - Winegrape Purchase Agreements Minimum terms and conditions to be contained in an Agreement 2.1 Application of Code 2.2 Parties to an Agreement and Term of the Agreement 2.3 Pricing Methods 2.4 Price Notification 2.5 Price Adjustment 2.6 Terms of Payment 2.7 Tonnage and Vineyard Details 2.8 Winegrape Standards, Assessment and Harvest 2.9 Delivery and Freight 2.10 Title in Winegrapes 2.11 Force Majeure 2.12 Assignment and Sale of Vineyard 2.13 Professional Advice 2.14 Dispute Resolution Clause 2.15 Reasonable Time 2.16 Variations 2.17 Failure to Comply Part 3 - Dispute Resolution Purpose Powers of Independent Expert Information provided to the Independent Expert 3.1 Disputes over Winegrape Price 3.2 Disputes over Downgrades and Rejections in the Vineyard 3.3 Disputes over Downgrades and Rejections at the Weighbridge 3.4 Legal Proceedings Part 4 - Breaches of the Code 4.1 Complaints 4.2 Removing a Signatory from the Code 4.3 Cost Recovery Part 5 - Administration of the Code Appendix 1 - Definitions